Report from Dxpedition in Zion, Pa USA
November 23-26, 2016

Location of DXpedition - Zion, Pennsylvania USA

Solar conditions leading up to the DXpedition

Don Moore (host)
Dave Valko
Brett Saylor

680' terminated BOG @165 deg
820' terminated BOG @50 deg
1007' terminated BOG @65 deg
37' delta loop @ 325/145 deg w/Wellbrook ALA-100LN
1m Wellbrook circular loop @ 125/305 deg w/Wellbrook ALA-100M

Plot of Beverage antenna bearings

 37 ft. delta loop with Wellbrook ALA-100LN amp

1 meter loop with Wellbrook ALA-100M amp

The basement location

Brett, Don and Dave

Perseus SDR
Afedri SDR

All times in UTC
(t) = tentative
(p) = presumed

Audio files are here

YouTube video highlights of the DXpedition are here

This was our eighth year of mini-DXpeditions in Zion, and the first time since 2009 that all three of us had the opportunity to DX together. Don and Brett set up antennas the Wednesday before Thanksgiving, then Dave joined on Friday for a night of live DXing. Conditions on Wednesday favored trans-Atlantic reception, but then the indices spiked as seen in the graph above and the receptions turned to the south featuring an abundance of Colombians, Venezuelans, and of course Cubans.

Recordings are still being analyzed, so these logs will grow over time; check back later to see more of what we heard. Two weeks after the DXpedition the totals were: 25 TA's, 98 LA's and 78 domestics.